How do I report amounts from my T5008 slip?

This post includes the most common questions we receive about reporting T5008 slips.


Do I need to include this T5008 on my return?

If you disposed of a security for a gain/loss you should report this on your return. This applies to gains/losses realized when you sell mutual funds.  You can use either the T5008 section of your tax software OR theCapital Gains & Losses section. For capital transactions in particular, many users find it much easier to use the Capital Gains & Losses section than the T5008 section. From a NETFILE perspective there is no difference; exactly the same information will be transmitted to the CRA regardless of where you report it. Just be sure not to report dispositions in both sections!


How do I complete the mandatory fields in the T5008 Section?

Boxes 20 & 21: You’ll need to include both the proceeds (box 21) and your adjusted cost base (ACB) (box 20), even if box 20 is blank. Many T5008 issuers report only the proceeds because they don’t know your ACB. It’s your responsibility to track your ACB and enter the correct amount in box 20. If you aren’t sure, contact your advisor.

Capital or Investment: You’ll also need to indicate if your T5008 slip relates to income that is capital in nature (e.g., shares or mutual funds), or if it relates to income that is investment in nature (e.g., dispositions of mature T-bills).

Exchange rate: If there is a value in box 13 that is not CAD, exchange rate is mandatory. We recommend removing the value from box 13 and reporting boxes 20 and 21 in Canadian dollars.

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4 Reviews for How do I report amounts from my T5008 slip?

    My question is: Do I pay full tax on the difference between Proceeds of Disposition and Cost or Book Value or is this amount created as a capital gain and taxed at 50%?

      Hi Kathy

      The difference between the proceeds and the book value (cost base) is your capital gain. Capital gains are currently taxed at 50%. I hope this helps you! Julie.

    For us seniors over 65 and use the paper mail in method by hand. what lines and or form pages should we enter the box 20 and 21 numbers. Appreciate Paul in Oakville
    before Trudeau puts the “line” SEND ALL IN !!!! LOL

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the delay. You’ll need to complete Schedule 3. From there, you would record the taxable portion of the capital gain on line 12700.


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