Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Our CFP® designated Financial Planning Professionals can help answer all your retirement questions and provide solutions to maximize your income and minimze your risk and taxes.

Questions asked most frequently by those in or close to retirement.

    • When should I retire?
    • Can I afford to retire?
    • Am I invested appropriately for this stage in my life?
    • How much money will I receive in retirement and for how long?
    • How do RRIFs work and how do I change my RRSP into a RRIF?
    • What taxes will I have to pay on RRSP/RRIF withdrawals?
    • Are there benefits to converting my RRSP into a RRIF before age 71?
    • Should I take CPP before or after age 65?

At Future Financial, we review all income sources, including company pension plans, government programs, income from RRSPs, non-registered accounts, investment income (potentially from home equity) and all tax credits. Our job is to maximize income without exposing you to unnecessary risk.

No individual is the same and we don’t believe your investment portfolio or the advice you receive should be the same either. We offer real, impartial advice based on your unique circumstances.