Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance

Planning for the future includes more than just investing. Life insurance can provide you with piece of mind for loved ones and because death benefits are tax free, can be a very effective tax planning tool.

Life insurance can also help with obligations including burial expenses, mortgage and debt payments, children’s education, daily living expenses and tax liabilities.

As important as life insurance is, so is protecting your most valuable asset – your ability to work and earn an income. This is where disability insurance is essential as it can provide a monthly benefit while you are fully or partially not able to work.

If you were to suffer from a stroke, cancer, heart attack, MS etc., critical illness insurance could provide you with a lump sum payment to help with the necessary medical expenses rather than be forced into withdrawing your savings and retirement investments.

We’ll work with you to determine what your potential risks and insurance needs are and how best to incorporate into your overall financial plan.

No individual is the same and we don’t believe your investment portfolio or the advice you receive should be the same either. We offer real, impartial advice based on your unique circumstances.