Life and Legacy Planning

Life and Legacy Planning

Leaving a legacy can mean different things to different people. Proper life and legacy planning involves not just passing on your valuables but also your values. No matter what your goals are, they should begin with a plan to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

A wealth transfer strategy should be easy and efficient and should include having current wills and powers of attorney and beneficiaries and should minimize or defer taxes.

This could include using joint accounts to minimize probate fees, trust accounts or insurance to provide lump sums for estate purposes or for a loved one.

If philanthropy and charitable giving is important to your legacy, there are ways to use your investments to avoid capital gains and at the same time provide a charitable donation.

No matter what your goals are we can walk you through various options and devise a plan that is right for you.

No individual is the same and we don’t believe your investment portfolio or the advice you receive should be the same either. We offer real, impartial advice based on your unique circumstances.