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    Are retirement worries keeping you up at night?

    We can help.

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    As independent financial planners, we understand the importance of investing wisely and having clear financial goals.

Financial, Retirement, Estate and Tax Planners

Whether your financial situation is complex or not, we can offer solutions to simplify your investments, lower your taxes and increase your income.

Our clients include individuals, families, corporations, trusts, group plans, individual pension plans and non-profit organizations.

Our Mission:

    • To provide the highest quality financial, estate, tax and retirement strategies possible.
    • To increase retirement income by maximizing investment returns while minimizing risk and taxes.
    • To increase estate values by minimizing tax, legal and probate fees.
    • To expose clients to the best tax advantaged products the industry has to offer and at the lowest cost.

What is Financial Planning?


Looking for Signs of A Turn-Around
Policy divergence has been driving a stealth bear market, but its end could set up a market rebound.Click here for the article.

It's a leap year meaning the last day for 2015 RRSP Contributions is February 29, 2016. Contact us today for your investment needs.

IT'S OFFICIAL! The TFSA contribution amount for 2016 has rolled back to $5500. This will not affect 2015 contributions or amounts allowed.

Beginning in 2015, RRIF Minimums have changed
If you aged 71 or over, minimum RRIF payments for 2015 and subsequent years have changed. You have until the end of February 2016 to opt to receive the new, lower minimum payment for 2015. You do not have a choice for 2016 minimum payments.

Click here to see the new and old factor tables.
Any questions, please call.

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